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About Tasikisme

by Satria Dewa
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Tasikisme is a group of inspired young people in Tasikmalaya. We’ve dedicated our time and effort to building sites that we hope people enjoy. We’ve always believed in a state of constant beta – live to learn,
innovate and improve. Our goal is to one day own a site that will leave the world a better place but we know we won’t get there without your help. We need to create a continuous banter with our users and customers as we try and work towards our goal. Have a look around at our website,
if you please and if you care to give your comments to collaborate or simply help us improve any of our work or this site for that matter,
please tell us.

Tasikisme hadir atas ide kreatif Nana Handayana a.k.a. Rikez Cybercheeze di awal tahun 2008 dan tentunya bisa terus berkembang atas dukungan berbagai pihak mulai dari visitor setia blog tasikisme ini (termasuk Anda di dalamnya),
donatur dan seluruh pihak yang dengan hati yang ikhlas dan penuh sukarela memberikan masukan,
komentar maupun donasinya untuk kemajuan tasikisme di masa yang akan datang.

By the way,
before we forget,
we started out in Februari 2008. We’ve been focused on All About Life and here’s our site. With knowledge,
we believe that we can play around using technologies,
which would allow us to come up with something really fun.

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