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Get Windows OS just $3 !!!

by Satria Dewa
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It’s Joke? Or it’s Fake?

The answer is big big NO. It’s the TRUTH. In some country (including Indonesia – my country of course!) You will find Windows OS CD in lower price,
just for $ 3. Yes It’s only $ 3!

With $ 3 you’ll get Windows OS CD Full Version (not a demo,
it’s really-really full version) almost in the merchant who sell CD/DVD Room Program,
(in my country it’s called Kaki Lima). It very strange,
but that’s the fact that really happen.

In my country Windows OS user growth rapidly,
and until now most people in Indonesia used Windows as operating system in their computer. How about Linux? Yes several of them use Linux,
but not too much,
maybe just 9%.

Windows has become favorite OS,
and Microsoft appropriately should happy with these fact. But wait,
the fact it really hurt,
why? just a little answer,
Windows OS Just $ 3!!

Its Piracy? of course! But who care about piracy,
in my country law about piracy especially for Computer Program,
is far… far.. away for being trully implemented. So… don’t blame the people who sell,
buy and use Windows just for $ 3!.

In this case,
everyone has a role. Government,
People and of course Microsot himself. The Government should try to make a law about copyright and piracy trully implemented. Not just a slogan or advertisement on tv but try to make people realize about piracy and the People should understand Computer Program -in this case Windows OS- is not a freeware and they should pay as much as the normal price according to Microsoft Policy.

It’s a solution! NO. That’s just one of my opinion about war against piracy. I don’t Blame my Government,
Or The People,
or Microsoft for this case. As I said before,
everyone has a role.

This is my short article,
you will find more article that write by me at : www.tasikisme.com

sory for my bad English.

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