Beranda Contoh Cerita Kampung Naga dalam Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Cerita Kampung Naga dalam Bahasa Inggris

When you visit Kampung Naga (Dragon Village) and you expect to meet a dragon or maybe just hear a story about dragon? forget it! you will not find about it but don’t be sad,  once you visit Kampung Naga, the experience will never forget in your life.

Naga, in English mean Dragon -the famous water serpent in most Asian countries- but Kampung Naga (Dragon Village) mean nothing, it just a name! Despite its fierce name it is in reality a very peaceful and beatiful landscape that has preserved its traditional village layout, architecture and way of life.

Kampung Naga a traditional village of Sun danese is located at West Java province and Tasikmalaya sub-province,
more or less 30 km from City of Tasikmalaya, in the north side of province-bypass which connected Tasikmalaya city and Garut city of West Java. Kampung Naga is tropical village and located in the side of Ciwulan River. Its location in 6° 50’ LS and 107° 40‘BT.

The uniqueness of this village lies in the uniformity of the houses: the direction they face,  their design, and the building materials. All the gables of the houses face the river and are aligned along an east-west axis. There are no motorcycles or any other vehicles in or near the village, no electricity, no table, or chair!

The People of Kampung Naga has retained its ancient traditional customs, closed community, and quite far from modernity. They still prefer to live and work in their homeland and refuse interracial marriage with people outside their village.

Today’s Kampung Naga stands from 111 buildings, stands from houses, mosque, communal house and highly appreciated building addressed as Bumi Ageung in 1.5 hectare land with population more 325 people inhabitants.

To reach Kampung Naga you must climb down the hundreds of stairs from Neglasari to the valley of the Ciwulan where Kampung Naga located.  Kampung Naga, how long they will stand in this modern age?

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