Beranda Biodata Tasikmalaya dalam Bahasa Inggris

Biodata Tasikmalaya dalam Bahasa Inggris

Tasikmalaya is famous for its spectacular scenery and rich cultural tradition. Charming villages and town grace this unique region, yet it also offers sophisticated pleasures you can enjoy year round.  Located between 107° 53′ to 108° 20′ eastern longitudes and between 7° 3′ and 7° 49′ southern latitude in the mountainous Priangan region of Java at an elevation of 351 metres (1,151 feet), Tasikmalaya Divided into two areas, lowlands and mountainous regions,
and almost 256, 756, 692 hectares, is covered by forest. Tasikmalaya is rich in places of interests and cultural attractions.

First of all, there is an interesting village called Kampung Naga (in English mean Dragon Village), Thirty km from Tasikmalaya. Despite its fierce name it is in reality a very peaceful and beatiful landscape that has preserved its traditional village layout, architecture and way of life.

Second, in Tasikmalaya there is a place which is famous for plaited handicraft, called Rajapolah. In this Village you will find home industries product such as mats, dudukuy cetok, hand bag, samak hat, pandan hat and other home industries.

Transportation is easily available, although the distance from Jakarta to Tasikmalaya is about 380 kilometers,
and from Bandung about 120 kilometers. Since the road is good the distance can easily be covered by either public or private transport.

Welcome To Tasikmalaya!

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