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Make your Friendster more Beautiful!

by Satria Dewa
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Social networking sites like Friendster let you distinguish yourself from other Web surfers by allowing you to customize your online presence with ease. With profiles that you can customize with words,
images and music,
Friendster lets you express yourself as uniquely as you want. Follow these steps to costumize your Friendster and make your Friendster more beautiful!

Sign in to Friendster

Step 2: Click “Edit Profile.”

Step 3: Fill out the information under the “Main” tab,
like your interests,
hobbies and tastes.

Step 4: Click “Customize.”

Step 5: Select a pre-made skin for your profile by clicking the “Select” button below the layout you want. Your profile will be instantly updated.

to make your friendster more special and more beautiful,
you can visit http://pimp-my-profile.com/ or http://friendster-layouts.com/

Just remember,
be wish enough when you use a large image for the background,
insert video in your profile,
or insert a flash animation,
its can make your friendster take more time to load,
cause there’s a lot of file to be load. So,
don’t make your friend boring when they open you friendster profile.

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