Beranda Definisi Cinta itu Apa?

Definisi Cinta itu Apa?

Love is a deep and complex emotion. It inspires people to heroic acts and drives them to desperate measures. Poems,
plays and songs have tried to explain its mysteries and allures. Defining love is a challenge–how can you tell if the feeling you are experiencing is truly love? Love can easily be confused with lust, desire and extreme fondness. These easy step to define your love, let’s check this out.

  • Observe people you know are in love. Notice how they act towards each other, both physically and through little gestures.
  • Examine the qualities of the person or possesion that you love. Identify what sets the object of your love apart and make a list. Compare the lists you make about differences. Look for common themes and traits.
  • Think about love as a concept, apart from the love that you already direct at people or objects. Ask yourself what love entails–emotional connectedness, physical desire and devotion are feelings you can expect to experience when you are in love.
  • Watch romantic films and read romantic poetry. Take note of how love is expressed through the arts and compare it to your feelings.
  • Consider relationships where your love is reciprocated. Note the difference between the love you experience in romantic relationships versus friendships. Ask people you love why they love you if you’re feeling brave!
  • Consider what it’s like to love a person who drastically changed. Decide whether you would feel the same if his looks changed dramatically or he could no longer fund your lifestyle.
  • Experience your emotions! There is no proven formula for defining love. Search your heart for the answer.
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